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School Lines, Inc distributes Blue Bird school buses in CT, as well as Blue Bird, Micro Bird, and Diamond commercial buses. School Lines and Blue Bird joined forces in 1966, then owned by John W. Beebe and located in Madison, CT. In 1988 School Lines moved to our new location in N. Branford, Ct. where our new building houses two full work bays, offices, over 2000 sq feet of parts warehouse and ample parking for 30 to 40 full size new and used buses.

David Lintern, President and owner. David worked for Blue Bird in Ft. Valley, Ga during his college years. David joined School Lines in 1974 in sales. He lead a successful sales career and team for 14 years before purchasing School Lines in 1986.

Debra Lintern, Sec/treas. Debbie has assited in the day to day operation of School Lines since 1988. She also has operated a contract operation, School Transportation Services in Branford, CT for 18 years

Lisa Jasudawich, Bookkeeper. & Office Manager.  Lisa worked with School Lines from 1986-89 as our fulltime bookkeeper.  In 2001 we were fortunate to have her return to School Lines handling our bookkeeping and managing all our office needs, and now helps out in our parts department, as of 2019.

Scott Davis, Sales.  Scott joined School Lines as our Lead Sales Representative in 2012 bringing to our company a vast knowledge of all aspects of the school bus and commercial industry.  He has worked in the field for the past 35 years. 

Matt McShane, Sales Assistant, IT, Web Design management.  Matt joined School lines in 2016 and is dedicated to assisting our sales team and managing our website.

School Lines, Inc.
75 Ciro Rd. N.Branford, Ct. 06471 203/488/1382 203/481/2643 fax

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